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As we know by now, the investment portfolio is a significant piece in the journey to financial independence . I have had many questions from readers on what the optimal portfolio should look like.  Many undertake the Couch Potato approach, which typically involves buying a small number of market-based ETFs to represent a diversified portfolio.  It’s an approach that works because it enables direct exposure to the market and requires very little work (rebalancing the portfolio say on an annual basis).

That said, I prefer to take a moderately different approach that allows me the added flexibility to buying and choosing individual stocks.  As a result of the inquiries on what my portfolio looks like, I have decided to launch, where I intend to post a snapshot of my portfolio on a monthly basis.  In addition, I will write articles describing changes made to the portfolio, as well as dig into the investment rationale behind each of those positions.

Meanwhile, here at, I will put in my best effort to regularly discuss and post ideas related to financial independence.  Please check out!

As usual, if you have any questions, Ask the Fellow!


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