Top 5 Low Cost of Living (LCOL) Destinations – #2

We are almost to the top as the Fire Fellow continues the countdown to the Top 5 LCOL locations.  Let’s take flight from Europe and head towards Asia because that’s where our #2 location is.

#2. Thailand

The land of smiles, that’s what they call it. And it’s no joke. In Thailand, it seems like everyone has a permanent smile imprinted on their faces. The people are perfectly decent, always ready to lend a hand, at a fee though. This south east Asian country is a place of stark beauty. There’s deep, thick jungles that are greener than anything you’ve ever seen. There are crystal blue waters that flow with warmth and grace. And the food, people, is to die for. These are enough reason for anyone to choose to relocate to Thailand. Bangkok, the capital, is bustling and frenetic. It’s a highly developed city that’s a good place to settle in. The climate of Thailand is largely tropical, being hot and humid all year round. If you love heat and sunshine, then you’ll adore this about Thailand.

A Land of Zen

The people in Thailand mainly practice Buddhism but one that is closer to Indian roots. This influences their culture of generosity and compassion, a trait you’ll find most pleasing.


Cost of Living

The cost of living in Thailand has remained fairly affordable over the years. If you’re interested in moving to Thailand, I’m sure you’ll find it pocket friendly, especially outside the capital. The cost of living is a massive 41.25% lower than in the United States. That says something. Renting a one bedroom apartment within the city will cost about $370. Outside the city, you’ll pay $200 for a similar sized apartment. Moving around will cost you roughly $0.57 for a one way bus ticket and $28.59 for a monthly pass.

Want to work? Thailand’s main opportunity for expats is teaching English. There are many English schools dotting the landscape and you’ll find that their rates are quite decent.

The Fire Fellow will unveil #1 tomorrow.

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