Top 5 Low Cost of Living (LCOL) Destinations – #3

Fire Fellow’s countdown to the Top 5 LCOL locations continues.  We’re still in Europe but moving a little bit west. We unveil #3:

#3. Portugal

How about a move to Europe? Western Europe, to be precise, to the tiny country of Portugal. Flanked by the Atlantic Ocean, one fascinating feature is the breathtaking beaches. But that’s not the only feature here. Portugal has green mountains in the North, a near desert landscape in the central region and the warm beaches to the south.

Live off the coast

The weather in Portugal is one of the warmest in Europe. The temperatures average about 15 to 18 degrees Centigrade annually. So, what is life like?

Awesome climate and culture

The weather is quite tolerable. The summers are hot and dry and the winters get quite chilly with mild rain. The lowest temperature during winter can reach 32 degrees Fahrenheit, so prepare for that.

Portugal has a rich and unique culture with lively cities. The people love to help with sincerity and are a very hospitable lot. If you’re thinking about moving here then I would suggest settling in Lisbon, the national capital. The main language is Portuguese, which is closely related to Spanish.

Cost of Living

Compared to other European countries, living in Portugal won’t cause you undue grief. For instance, renting a one bedroom apartment in the city of Lisbon would cost roughly $464. Gravitate outside the city and you’ll fork out $326. Food, you ask? Well, if you love eating out and won’t mind an inexpensive restaurant, then that’ll cost roughly $7. Not too bad, right?

The Fire Fellow will unveil #2 tomorrow.

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