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Here’s to the ones who dream

The Fire Fellow stayed up and watch the 2017 Oscars last night and boy was there a crazy ending.  For those who missed it, Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway were presenting the award for Best Picture, but was handed the wrong envelop (Best Actress) instead! This resulted in La La Land being named Best Picture instead of the actual winner Moonlight.  Hilarity ensued and eventually the wrong was righted but this has never happened in 89 years!

Although La La Land did not win the coveted prize, it DID win six Academy awards. The movie was a story about dreamers, those who dare fight for their dreams and not settle for an ordinary existence.

Those of us setting our goals to reach our own financial independence are a different type of dreamers.  We long for time and freedom.  Our life is but a function of the time we have, and spending our days working 9-5, doing chores, and working the grind do not seem to be the best way to make use of our limited time.

Chase your dreams, fight for your goals, and challenge yourself to live a life worth living.

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