Top 5 Low Cost of Living (LCOL) Destinations – #4

Counting down the Top 5 LCOL locations, let’s move across the Atlantic from Panama and head to Europe, a region with 50 countries and 6 independent territories. Here is #4:

#4. Spain

If you love a vibrant nightlife, or an activity packed day life then Spain is the place for you. Never has anyone gone to this country and encountered a dull moment. From the beautiful beaches to the numerous historical sites to the exquisite foods, Spain will steal your heart and keep it. And if you speak Spanish, the country’s main language, you’ll feel right at home.

Relax and enjoy

The relaxed lifestyle of Spain coupled with the friendly inhabitants is hardly found anywhere else in the world. Where else do you find shops and businesses closed in the afternoon so that people can take a nap? In fact, on Saturdays and Sundays businesses don’t even reopen in the evenings. That’s how laid back they are.

Great people and weather

The weather is quite tolerable. The summers are hot and dry and the winters get quite chilly with mild rain. The lowest temperature during winter can reach 32 degrees Fahrenheit, so prepare for that.

Low Cost of Living

So, how much would it cost you to move here? If you’re going to live within the city center of Barcelona, you’ll have to part with about $545 per month for a one bedroom apartment. If you desire to get away from the city hullabaloo then $400 would be your rent for a similar sized apartment.

Eating out at a fairly inexpensive restaurant costs roughly $10 but if you’re a fancy kind of person then a slightly swankier restaurant would charge you $20.

In Spain, you’ll definitely find yourself frequently on the go. With lots to see, you’ll need to factor in your transportation. A taxi, for instance, charges about $2 per kilometer whilst public transportation would cost you, on average, $1.50 for a one way ticket.

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